IMG_2643Have you ever really asked yourself how you are feeling?  Am I aching anywhere?  Does my back hurt? Are my feet in good position?  Am I leaning forward to read the screen (or drive)? Am I stressed?  Are my shoulders relaxed or almost touching my ear lobes!? When was the last time I took a break and walked around?

Being body aware and conscious is just as important in your preventative program as exercise and good eating habits.  Being conscious of how you are positioned and listening to the feedback your body gives you throughout the day enables you to make minor adjustments so that minor aches and pains don’t turn into major problems.   It’s amazing how this technique works –  the more you listen to your body, the more feedback it will give you.  This week set a goal for yourself to be more body aware, be it at your desk, while you are walking, driving, whatever.  You will be surprised at the benefits!