FillWyIxMTQ1IiwiNjg1Il0-bodyworlds-banner-largeI was fortunate to attend a learning day at the Body World Vital exhibition at the Telus Spark Centre.

The exhibition includes real human bodies that have been donated to science and undergone a plastination process that preserves the bones, muscle, nerves and vessel in incredible detail. The bodies are displayed in dynamic poses that make the connection between body and movement.

This proved to be a wonderful opportunity to see a diverse array of different types of bodies in all ages and stages of life in such a respectable and tasteful way. I was able to witness human development, numerous disease processes and many medical interventions (such as prosthetics) that I encounter on a daily basis.

I’m so very grateful for the individuals who donated their bodies for the purpose of education and research to ensure we all have the opportunity to learn and witness first hand how awesome our bodies really are.

Exhibit closes May 31st, 2016 ~ don’t miss it!